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Welcome to AlMuhark Security Services

Trust. Growth. Experience.

Analysing Data

How we add Value

Al-Muhark Investment is an private equity fund with a mandate to invest sustainability in security and safety infrastructure. We aspire to ensure that all of our investments are focus driven to enhance the security industry globally.

Our motive is to achieve investment sustainability and growth by partnering with innovate solutions and Intelligent systems of the future. 

The way we do business

​​Al-Muhark manages progressive and reliable investments and continually strives in partnering for global progress.

Our investment portfolio span across the following sectors:

  • Security and surveillance system

  • Tracking solutions

  •  Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloud and platform services

We continuously strive to partner with industry leaders to achieve common goal of success in unity. Our investment approach prioritizes a commitment to responsible investing to the highest standards of corporate governance.

We live by our Values

Our Services

Big Data

Cloud & platform

Surveillance system

Artificial Intelligence

Tracking solution


Our Government Clients

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Our Corporate Clients

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    80,000 +

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